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A quick review.

I run a small UK business (micro entity); and for the last few years have used wave accounts — a free online accounting package.

I was pretty happy with that, despite the fact that wave has basically withdrawn from the UK market, as my needs aren’t really…


A tale of L2 Cache misses and ObjectNotFoundException

In what seems a lifetime ago, I wrote about a nasty situation that can lead to applications poisoning their cache, which will not clear until the cache times out the query entry (which if it’s heavily used, might be “never”).

To be…

Several people have now asked me what I’m doing for home energy monitoring and suchlike, so this is a summary for anyone interested in pursuing their own experiments.

Energy Monitoring

At first glance, getting a “smart meter” seemed like a good idea. Turns out though that the whole implementation seems to have…

Poison for your cache.

The Hibernate 2nd level cache

Hibernate has a 2nd level cache, with various implementations. We use EHCache, but there are others.

There are 2 cache ‘regions’ that Hibernate uses to keep track of the cache operation that are important. The first is the UpdateTimestampsCache, which tracks the timestamps of the most…

Still much to like, but it’s hard being an also-ran.

I have been happily using SmartOS, both at home and at work, for a couple of years now. However, it now seems to be time to move on.

At home, it has been in use in an (AMD Turion-based) HP Microserver N40L. As a file and…


I don't exist when you don't see me.

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